"your songs are a bridge of healing from Earth to the beyond"

"the heart truth singing from within"


 My songs have been light houses in my darker moments, my most intimate companions and my offerings back to the worlds of nature and spirit from which I receive so much. They articulate my journey as a spiritual being born into the madness and chaos of this modern world, reminding me of where I come from and what I need to keep going. They have brought me deep healing in the places I've been unable to access in other ways, have elicited many tears, mine or otherwise and many times restored my faith and hope within the heartache.


May we love the earth, know our worth, 

As the towers come tumbling down, 

For beneath the land, our voices, our hands, 

Hold the memory of who we are


~ Charlotte

'All is Love' is a song of arrival that came to me after a difficult passage I had whilst staying in the Brazilian Amazon. It was born in a moment of finding full acceptance of myself and my home on this earth.

This song has been sung at funerals, has rocked babies to sleep and accompanied people in their last moments. It is an offering of peace.

'Across the Veil' is a song written to light the way of a young friend who tragically took his life in 2018. His death sent a massive shockwave through our community and beyond and touched hearts of many. This song came through in the weeks and months after his passing as the many layers of grief were shed within and around me. It's a song that speaks of broken hearts and love, not lost, but forever transformed. Above all, it calls us to rise above the mind's desperate struggle to understand and to honour the way of those we love that pass across the veil.