Charlotte Mabon is a medicine music singer-songwriter with a magnetic, healing voice. There’s a contemporary twist to her songs which weave her personal journeys with an ever-present gratitude for the earth and elements.

As a spiritual/folk artist, nature lover and mother, her lyrics articulate the finely balanced threshold between hope, despair, grief, love and longing, weaving prayers for the future generations and for the enduring fertility of Earth. Her souring vocals and soothing melodies land like honey in the heart. 


Press Photos 

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Download image 1 Close up in green ~ credit Aloha Bonsa-Shaw 585 KB
Download image 2 Garden Gate ~ credit Mark Mabon 3.42 MB
Download image 3 Close up on the Beach ~ credit Mark Mabon 1.55 MB
Download image 4 In the Reeds ~ credit Aloha Bonsa-Shaw 334 KB
Download image 5 Black and White ~ credit Aloha Bonsa-Shaw 1 MB
Download image 6 On the beach ~ credit Mark Mabon 1.55 MB
Download image 7 Forest Song ~ credit Jya Raine 133 KB
Download image 8 The Sorting Rooms ~ credit James Stewart 281 KB