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Guiding Spirits

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Guiding spirits is a song appealing to the invisible forces of nature, the elements and life to help us to let go of who we are, or who we think we are, so that we can be born anew. It's a song asking for the grace to surrender to the great unknown.
If this song had an image it would be of a bird flying to the sun, dissolving into its golden rays and being reborn in full consciousness of its magnificence as part of the whole.


Guiding spirits of the night
Gravitate me homewards as I fly
On this round earth, within this blue sky
In trust I'll reach to your kingdom of light

Your golden rays are guiding me home
To a home that can only be danced and sung
Levitate me back to where I come from
Allow me to die and with you be reborn

I'm awake, I'm a child of the sun
I illumine the pathways unto the one
I rest in the echoes here, of your love
Blessed on this journey from earth to above